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The Best Crystals For Intimacy

April 03, 2019

The Best Crystals For Intimacy

Looking to liven up your romantic life? Many crystals are believed to be aphrodisiacs that can amp up the intimacy in your relationships. Keep the crystals below on hand to spice up your life - and your bedroom.



This deep red gem is thought to help energize your sex drive, as well as deepen connections on both an emotional and physical level. This stone is also great for anyone who is nervous about commitment, as it is said to help increase your sense of loyalty and devotion. This is also a great stone for anyone who is slow to trust: many romantics believe that garnet can help you see the real truth of a person and their intentions.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

This trusty gem is believed to radiate a vibration of love, and its charming shade of soft pink makes it an all-around joy to have around. In the healing arts, rose quartz is used to deepen communication and trust between partners, which makes for a better connection both in and out of the bedroom. Rose quartz has the added benefit of being known as a stone of self-love, which can definitely be a boost to your romantic life.



Emerald is known by many gem lovers as a stone of relationships and romance. In the healing arts, emerald is said to encourage unconditional love and strengthen partnerships. In turn, emerald is believed to help encourage emotional bonding in the bedroom. If you’re looking for solid, stable companionship, you’ll want to have an emerald in your stone collection.

Clear Quartz

This lovely clear stone is known as something of a “neutral” crystal, because it’s believed to be adaptable to all kinds of situations. Clear quartz is said to amplify the vibrations of other crystals and help clarify your energy. In the case of intimacy, clear quartz believed to be ideal for helping you shed negative or distracting energy in order to enjoy your time with your partner. It’s also believed to intensify the power of libido-boosting crystals used alongside it. In the healing arts, it’s said that you can place clear quartz next to garnet, rose quartz, or any other intimacy-focused stone to create a sexier environment in your bedroom.



If you have trouble letting go of everyday stressors when you’re trying to unwind in the bedroom, amethyst is the stone for you. This purple stone is believed to have a calming effect that can help you feel more centered and in tune with your spiritual self. It’s the perfect way to leave thoughts about work or your to-do list behind so you can fully enjoy yourself in the present with your partner.

Ready to let these crystals slide into your DMs yet? When you stock up on these trusty stones, romance is on the horizon ;)

To bring more intimacy to your life, try out one of these Gem-Water blends:

Crank up the romance with Love, which blends rose quartz, garnet, and clear quartz. Together, these stones are believed to increase devotion and sensuality, while stimulating both the base and crown chakras.

Love Gem-Water blend

Let go of your inhibitions with Euphoria, a beautiful blend of clear quartz and pistachio opal. This blend is said to rejuvenate our connections to one another while encouraging bliss, joy, and rejuvenation. It’s believed to be a way to bring about an abundance of love for both ourselves and others.

Euphoria Gem-Water blend

Channel your inner romantic goddess with Luna, a blend of quartz and rainbow moonstone believed to tap into female energy. In the healing arts, these two stones are said to help open your heart and strengthen your female power.

Luna Gem-Water Blend

Increase your intimate energy with Vitality, a combination of emerald and clear quartz believed to create harmony in the body, increase abundance in all forms, and foster deep, lasting love.

Vitality GEm-Water Blend

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