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Our Top 10 Holiday Gifts For Crystal Lovers

December 19, 2019

Our Top 10 Holiday Gifts For Crystal Lovers

Want to gift all of your favorite people with crystal goodies this holiday season? We’ve got you covered! Below, our top 10 holiday gifts for every crystal lover in your life. (And yes, you’re allowed to buy for yourself too.) Let’s get shopping!

1. Crystal Straws

Save the earth in style with our crystal straws! When you sip from one, you’ll be cutting back on single-use plastic while focusing on your vibe at the same time. Choose from nine different combinations featuring amethyst, rose quartz, or clear quartz and either rose gold, silver, or yellow gold. Gift one or a dozen - a set or a solo straw are both great presents!

2. CrownJuwel Pet Bowl

Bring the dogs and cats in your life to a whole new level with our CrownJuwel Pet Bowl. Each bowl contains a gem blend of peridot, nephrite jade, brown agate, clear quartz, and mangano calcite. These gems are believed to encourage balance, strength, vitality, awareness, and good behavior. Your four-legged friends will love it.

3. Crystal Rx by Colleen McCann

This stunning book by our dear friend, certified Shamanic Energy Practitioner Colleen McCann, is a wonderful source of inspiration. It’s your go-to guide to crystal healing, with beautiful photos and pictures along the way. It even features a fabulous interview with Gem-Water’s own Anjanette Sinesio!

4. Gem-Water Bottles

There’s no better way to send good intentions to a loved one than with a Gem-Water crystal water bottle! Made of hand blown glass and crystals sourced with care, each bottle is a work of art. Each blend offers something different for your vibration, so choose according to your giftee’s goals and energy. If you’re stumped on which one to choose, start with our number one seller, Wellness, a blend of amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz.

5. CrownWorks Crystal Combs

Give your hair some TLC with a crystal comb specially created by Andi Scarbrough. Available in options like clear quartz, black obsidian, rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, and chrysocolla, there’s a comb for just about every intention. Prioritize self-love with rose quartz, channel feminine power with chrysocolla, or focus on calm with amethyst. You can even combine multiple intentions with a three-comb gift box. The choice is all yours (and your giftee’s)!
CrownWorks, $170 - $777

6. Paper Crane Apothecary Spray in Clean Slate

Paper Crane’s series of high-vibe sprays are infused with crystals to fully embody your intentions. Their Psychic Vampire Repellent and Everlasting Love sprays are truly dreamy, but our favorite of them all is Clean Slate. This spray operates like a smoke-free smudge, with scents of lavender and peppermint to help provide clarity.
Goop, $27

7. Good Vibes Cookies

Yes, friends, good energy is edible! These colorful cookies by Jodi Mannis look just like your favorite crystals. Each dessert is hand-painted and inspired by a real-life gem. They’re more than just sweet treats, they’re works of art, and Good Vibes’ themed gift boxes make wonderful presents. One of their mottos is “when in doubt, eat the cookie,” so you know they’ve got their priorities in order.
Good Vibes Cookie Co, $7.77 - $77

8. Pacifica Beauty Crystal Lit Moon Oil

This soothing face oil combines lavender, quartz, and blue tansy to give you a dewy glow. Lavender can help calm your skin, quartz may stimulate your blood circulation, and the blue tansy will gently exfoliate. The best part? It’s vegan and cruelty-free.
Ulta, $22

9. KKW Crystal Gardenia Oud

Kim Kardashian is such a fan of crystals that her recent fragrance line is inspired by them. This lovely fragrance with rich citrus and floral scents will keep you inspired. And of course, the quartz-shaped bottle is totally gorgeous.

10. Pound Jewelry Chakra-Life-Force Bracelet

Does someone in your life need a little extra oomph around their vibration? These beautiful bracelets are thought to bring extra clarity with the help of Herkimer quartz crystals, also called Herkimer Diamonds. These pretty stones are said to be the most powerful type of clear quartz in the world, so they’re perfect for anyone hoping to bring extra power to their intentions. The bracelets come in colors that correspond with the chakras, so choose whichever chakra your giftee needs the most TLC around. It even comes with a mini chakra card and a special mantra!

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