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Amethysts enjoy a long association with Dionysus, the God of Wine. The ancient Greeks were known to create drinking vessels from amethysts. The word “amethyst” means “not intoxicated” (from Greek a- “not” + methystos “intoxicated”).

In the recent past, some wineries and professional sommeliers rediscovered the tradition to enhance wine with amethysts and achieved amazing results. But nowadays, amethysts are no longer placed directly into the wine.

With this gem-water blend we bring this tradition to the next level. Vino features a twisted surface and as the amethysts are enclosed in the vial, it makes infusing wine so much more hygienic. The effect on wine is truly stunning. The tannins are usually perceived to be smoother and more pleasurable. Vino gives even great wines a very special 'tuning.'

Get the full wine set! In order to celebrate a great wine properly, we created a uniquely shaped wine decanter. Handcrafted in Europe, it is an exquisite masterpiece. Fill it with a bottle of wine, place the VitaJuwel Vino Gem-Water Vial inside, wait 7-10 minutes and pour yourself and your friends a glass. You‘ll be amazed!

The VitaJuwel Vino Vial and the VitaJuwel wine decanter are sold separately.



Clear Quartz

Gemstone Vial System

by VitaJuwel

Wine lovers, you will delight in experimenting with the VINO Gemstone Vial and relish using it in this gorgeous, hand blown glass Decanter. The pair make a great addition to your collection of wine accessories and a fantastically creative gift for your fellow wine enthusiasts!

The VINO Vial and VINO Wine Decanter may be purchased separately or packaged together as a set below.





VINO Collection
Wine Decanter

by VitaJuwel