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Liver Disease on the Rise in Young Women...More Water, Stat!

June 09, 2021

Liver Disease on the Rise in Young Women...More Water, Stat!

According to NPR, the past few years have given rise to an “off the charts” increase in liver disease among young women. A doctor at the University of Michigan told the publication that alcoholic liver disease is up 30% over the last year within the university’s health system.

liver disease on the rise

Liver Disease is on the Rise

Alcoholic liver disease involves a spectrum of different issues, from fatty liver (a more mild situation) to cirrhosis, a form of irreversible liver scarring. It isn’t something that tends to happen with a few casual drinks each week. For liver problems like this to occur, especially in young women as is happening now, means someone is drinking a lot: in most cases, patients are having many, many drinks each day or regularly partaking in binge drinking. Women’s bodies process alcohol a bit differently than men’s, so liver issues can sometimes escalate more quickly for women.

It doesn’t take a statistician to recognize that this increase likely means that many more women are struggling with alcoholism or even just casual overdrinking that is going a bit too far for their bodies to take. How did we get here?

There’s no question that life can be immensely stressful for women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Everyday sexism, balancing family with nurturing careers, and the crushing expectation of “doing it all” leads to impossible standards. And of course, the pandemic has only heightened these stressors, with millions of moms attempting to homeschool their children for the first time while simultaneously working from home. The pressure, it seems, has given way to changing habits in alcohol consumption.

drink more water

Support Your Liver - Drink more Water!

If this news has you concerned, and you’re wondering how to prevent liver damage for yourself, look no further than a tall glass of water. Adding more water to your daily routine (or even replacing your nightly happy hour drink with water) can help your liver speed up its natural detoxifying process.

Not sure how to make water a bigger part of your routine? Carry a water bottle! ViA water bottles were created for this exact reason! Choose whichever stone resonates with your needs and desires, and allow the frequencies of those stones to vibrate into every sip. If you simply don’t love the taste of water, you can infuse it with fresh fruit, lemon, cucumber, mint, or another refreshing flavor. Keep count of how many times you finish your ViA Gem-Water bottle each day, and refill it throughout your routine to keep hydrating. Your liver will thank you!

reusable crystal straws

Crystals for Liver Health

First things first—always follow the advice of your doctor when it comes to your health. Crystals are not a replacement for professional medical advice. We see the ancient healing modalities, like those incorporating crystals, as vibration-boosting additions to a healthy lifestyle.

Over the ages, several crystals have been believed to help with liver health. Emerald is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. Any reduction in inflammation can help cleanse and strengthen the detoxifying process. Malachite is said to help stimulate the liver and encourage detoxification. And when it comes to alcohol, ocean jasper is believed to help the liver better manage alcohol-related ailments. Remember, very few types of crystals—like rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst—are safe to put directly in your water. That’s why our Reusable Crystal Straws incorporate those stones. The other types mentioned above should only be enjoyed with the indirect method featured in a Gem-Water ViA bottle or Gemstone Vial.

drink gem water at your desk

Every Little Step Counts

One thing is for sure: there is no quick fix for a widespread cultural epidemic of stress, anxiety, and addiction sparked by the many pressures women carry on their shoulders every day. This is a problem that needs widespread societal change. But this doesn’t mean we’re powerless! Every day, we can make small positive choices that propel us closer to a healthier life. Every glass of wine we switch out for water, every extra hydration break we take during the day, and every moment we take to rest our weary minds in meditation is a step toward something better. Our livers need us, so let’s make it count!


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