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Having vitality is crucial to living an abundant life. Emeralds were considered a symbol of eternal life in ancient Egypt. We love this gem-water blend to help create more of everything that is vital in your life!

Traditional Naturopathic Uses:

In the natural healing arts this blend of emerald and clear quartz is thought to protect the body, help it recover from infectious illness, treat disorders of the heart, and create overall harmony in the body.


Clear Quartz

ViA Gem-Water Bottles

by VitaJuwel

Gem-Water Bottle
by VitaJuwel

• GemPod with semi-precious, tumbled gemstones
• Lead-free, borosilicate glass bottle
• Top & bottom stainless steel caps w/BPA-free plastic lining
• Holds 16.9 fl oz


For those who feel like they want a little extra protection for their ViA Gem-Water Bottle, these matte-textured, silicone caps securely fit over both the top and bottom stainless steel caps of your ViA Gem-Water Bottle. Each set provides a super secure carrying handle and acts as a durable pair of 'bumpers' to guard against everyday wear and tear. Then, of course, there's the accessory factor...collect them all to complete the day's look! ;)

LOOPS come in Black, Red, Cloud White, and Sky Blue.


ViA Tea

by VitaJuwel

Custom-infuse your gem-water on-the-go. Prepare your favorite drink, hot or cold. Add tea, fruit, ginger, herbs—whatever you enjoy—and enhance your VitaJuwel gem-water experience!

It's easy:

Just place the strainer in the upper opening of your VitaJuwel ViA Gem-Water Bottle, add your favorite ingredient, and fill it up with hot or cold water. Let it steep and cool down until you can touch and hold the bottle safely. We recommend using a set of ViA HUGS. Put the strainer back in the stainless steel case to keep it safe and clean for your next usage. Enjoy!


For added protection and a firm grip, this set of cloud-white, silicone ViA HUGS covers the top cap, bottom cap, and the top half of the glass portion of your ViA Gem-Water Bottle while keeping  your precious gems in full view. Handy for carrying your bottle while it's steeping hot tea.


Gemstone Vial System

by VitaJuwel



All Gem-Water Vials and ERA Decanters are sold separately.

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Gem-Water Vial
• Lead-free, hand blown glass Vial with semi-precious, tumbled gemstones
• Crafted
 in Bohemia by master Czech glass blowers

ERA Decanter
• Lead-free, hand-blown glass carafe
• Stainless steel spout with silicone collar to securely hold Vial
• Crafted
 in Bohemia by master Czech glass blowers
• Holds 44 fl oz