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inu! (ee-noo') Hawaiian: to drink

Good vibes, personalized.

Make your crystal-energized water experience truly your own. The inu! Collection is a system of modular Bottles and gem-filled Crystal Jars designed for high-vibe crystal personalization on-the-go. We think of it as the younger, sportier cousin of the ViA Collection, the original crystal water bottle by VitaJuwel. The inu! Collection adds a new dimension to the mix, building on the simple fact that wellness is personal. We hope you enjoy exploring as you build a collection just for you.

Make it your own.

Everyone is unique. The beauty of inu! is that there are 3 ways to make it your own. You can keep it pure and simple with the base inu! bottle and its cache of clear quartz. You can explore and collect our Crystal Jars with their ready-made gemstone blends. Or, get creative with your personal collection of stones and fill the crystal chamber with blends of your own. So, which inu! are you?

Protect your inu!

Protect your inu! on the go with these 100% felted wool sleeves with leatherette carry loops. Available in dark and light grey. Pssst...fits ViA bottles, too!


Zodiac Crystals

Fine tune your good vibes with Zodiac Crystals by VitaJuwel. The customizable inu! Crystal Gem-Water Bottle Collection features a DIY, modular crystal water bottle design. Your Zodiac Crystal help you stay aligned with your personal energy every time you hydrate on-the-go.

Choose from 12 individual, natural, fair mined stones to enhance your inu! Bottle. $9 each



Are you on the cusp of two star signs? Is your moon sign an extra powerful influence? Why not buy a full spectrum of Zodiac Crystals for yourself, friends, and family—and save in the process!

Set of 12 Zodiac Crystals
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12 Zodiac Crystals total $111.. Purchase a full set and save $12.

Something for everyone

The Bottle

Each bottle comes with its own cache of clear quartz crystals in its lower chamber—and that’s right where the fun begins... inu!’s crystal chamber has a removable lid so you can swap out one of six professionally developed gem blends or even create your own.

All inu bottles come with a cache of clear quartz in its chamber

Each bottle has a glass barrier separating your water from the stones, creating a crystal chamber you can access from the removable lid in the base.

inu opn showing clear quartz
flower of life engraved on inside

inu! is composed of 100% high-density borosilicate glass. It’s non-toxic, lead-free and chemically unreactive, so it doesn’t hold any taste. Perfect for pure and uncontaminated water. Borosilicate glass is thermal shock resistant. That means you can use it with ice cold and very hot water without worry.

With the 2-chamber concept, the crystals in your inu! never touch the water, while providing all benefits from the crystals’s energies. Enjoy your crystal water 100% safe, pure and healthy. inu! comes pre-filled with shiny clear quartz which opens the mind and is a mighty amplifier for other stones’ vibrations.

Each bottle features Silk Touch caps in three tropical colors— Cloud White, Lava Grey, and Ocean Blue.

We’ve engraved a sacred Flower of Life ornament on the inside of inu! to add a powerful symbol that strengthens the crystals’ energies and adds its own note to positively restructure your water.

The Jars

Each Crystal Jar contains a special blend of gemstones designed by the team of naturopaths at VitaJuwel in Germany. There are six Crystal Jar gem blends designed to enhance the mind, body, and spirit following naturopathic principals in the healing arts. Simply swap out the clear quartz that comes with your bottle and store the unused blend in the reusable glass jar.


The Sleeves

Protect your inu! Crystal Bottle on the go with this 100% felted wool sleeve with leatherette carry loop. Available in dark and light grey.


to make it
your own