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Crystals & Covid-19: Stones For Instant Pandemic Stress Relief

May 06, 2020

Crystals & Covid-19: Stones For Instant Pandemic Stress Relief

One thing is for sure: none of us expected 2020 to pan out quite like this. We’re writing to you from our home, where we’re hunkered down just like so many of you are. We are so thankful to be healthy, and we’re doing our best to laugh through the stress when we can, but this experience has been overwhelming in so many ways.

You should know that it’s okay if you’re having a hard time right now. Whatever you’re feeling is perfectly okay and normal. We are living in an unprecedented time, and there’s no blueprint for getting through this. If you can, take note of the small joys around you. Give thanks for the real-life heroes doing the essential work of keeping our hospitals and society running. Acknowledge the sparks of good news happening every day.

One piece of wisdom we turn to again and again is a quote from one of our favorite people on Instagram, 4-year-old dancer @bossbabybrody. When Brody’s parents asked him what he planned to do during this time, he said "I'm gonna walk my dogs, kiss my parents, and I'm gonna kiss my feelings.” Kissing our feelings - that’s exactly what we need to do right now, whatever those feelings might be. No adult could have said it better!

To help lift you up during this tough time, we’re sharing some of our favorite crystals for a few common shelter-at-home hurdles. We hope that they can bring you a small bit of comfort and peace right now.

For Stress:


Sometimes called “the Xanax of crystals,” this pretty purple stone is believed to help soothe stress and anxiety. It’s said to help heal pain, ease depression, and guide you into healthier thought patterns.

For Overeating:



Emotional eating is especially tempting right now. While enjoying treats here and there is totally normal and delightful, it never feels good to overeat to fill a void. Enter apatite, which lives up to its name. This stone is believed to be an appetite suppressant, and is thought to help strengthen your spirituality and improve your overall health. It’s especially popular as a meditation tool.

For Substance Abuse:



Have you found yourself drinking too much or relying too often on recreational drugs during lockdown? Keep amethyst close. Its name, amethystos, means “not intoxicated” in a dialect of ancient Greek. Amethyst is believed to help soothe anxiety and negative feelings, and thus could help you reduce the urge to turn to substances for relief. In the healing arts, the stone is revered for its overall calming effect.

Hydration is so important right now to keep your body at its peak. Keep this season healthy and positive with the help of these Gem-Water products...

Nurture your body with Body & Soul, a water bottle featuring a soothing blend of apatite, rose quartz, and clear quartz. While apatite is believed to help curb the munchies, rose quartz is said to encourage self-love, so you can ensure you’re eating healthy for positive reasons and embracing your body for all that it can do.

Stay hydrated at home with an Era + Gem-Water decanter and vial set. Place a decanter in your kitchen or your home office as a reminder to keep sipping all day. If you want to prioritize your wellbeing, opt for Wellness, a blend of amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz believed to encourage health and tranquility. If you want to lift your spirits during this tough time, try Guardian, a blend of black tourmaline, amethyst, and clear quartz that is said to help ward off negativity and provide clarity.

Keep your hands clean with our new Happiness Dispenser. This multi-liquid gemstone pump is an excellent way to dispense hand sanitizer - but you can also use it for soap, massage oil, or any other liquid you’d like. This beautiful glass creation is easy to clean and holds 10 ounces of liquid. The dispenser’s gem blend of carnelian, orange calcite, nephrite jade, and clear quartz is concocted with your happiness in mind. In the healing arts, these stones are said to encourage optimism, positivity, and good luck.

We’ve teamed up with Malibu C to offer their wonderful vegan CUR8 Hand Sanitizer for the dispenser. CUR8 is made with 68% ethyl alcohol, a food-grade antiseptic that is FDA-approved for eliminating germs. The sanitizer also includes eight wellness ingredients, like vitamin E and aloe vera, to keep your hands moisturized and happy. Pick up the dispenser and sanitizer together here.

We're in this together

We'll get through this together

This pandemic is tough, but one thing we know for sure is that no one is alone. We are all going through this together. There’s a lot we can’t control right now, but what we can do is take baby steps to treat ourselves with care and compassion. We hope that wherever you are right now, you’re feeling healthy and safe. Cheers to brighter days ahead.

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