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Hello, Lovely!

We created our new necklace as part of a self-care jewelry collection we call 528 by CfH. Its purpose (besides helping you look mad hot) is to be a companion piece for the spirit—a beautiful tool to raise your vibration and fine tune your personal frequency throughout the day.

The collection name derives from what’s known as the ‘LOVE’ frequency, 528 Hz—one of the six ancient solfeggio tones used in healing modalities for centuries.

Each piece is designed for interaction. When you put your necklace on, simply glide the crystal along the chain and into position, setting your intention for the day. Then, in those moments you feel stressed, distracted, or just in need of an energy shift, it becomes an elegantly simple ritual for checking in with yourself. Pause, touch your crystal, remember your intention, move it to a point on your body that helps you reset...aaand breeeeeathe...

We hope you enjoy your piece. And may it always be a beautiful reminder of just how loved and magical you are!

Designed in Los Angeles by Anjanette & Dominic Sinesio. Handcrafted by our team of artisans in India.

Every hand-cut crystal in our collection is one-of-a-kind. We see variations in color and natural inclusions as distinct traces of how that stone was born from the earth. Like each of us—filled with all the magic of the universe—and perfectly imperfect.