Stay Healthy In Winter With These Simple Tips

March 07, 2019

Stay Healthy In Winter With These Simple Tips

Every season is worth celebrating - even the gray and gloomy months of winter. Here’s how to stay healthy in winter and keep your vibes high all season long.

Eat healthy meals

Winter is all about comfort food, but who says that has to be unhealthy? Warm grains, beans, seeds, oats, and hearty soups with lots of veggies are all great menu options. Kick things up a notch by mainly eating foods that are in season,which is said in Ayurvedic practices to provide balance for the body.

Nurture your emotional health

If you want to stay healthy in winter, you’ve got take care of your emotional health, too.About 14% of the US population suffers from mild mood changes in the winter, and 6% of the US population experiences seasonal affectivedisorder, a type of depression that comes on with the seasons. Combat this with winter rituals that feed your soul, like yoga, journaling, creative habits, or spending extra time with loved ones. A light therapy box can also work wonders. If you’re having a tough time, talk to a mental health pro who can help you work through your feelings.


Keep dehydration at bay

Hot summer days aren’t the only times we’re at risk for dehydration. Winter equates to dehydrating steam heat and dry air in your home. Aim to drink at least 64 oz of water each day, and carry a water bottle when you’re out so it’s easy to drink up.

STAY HEALTHY IN WINTER WITH THESE SIMPLE TIPS - keep your immune system strong

Keep your immune system strong

Power up your immune system by taking vitamins, especially vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B6.Also aim to squeeze in regular exercise for an extra immune boost.

STAY HEALTHY IN WINTER WITH THESE SIMPLE TIPS - adjust your sleep habits for winter

Adjust your sleep habits for winter

Getting proper sleep is important year-round, but it’s extra vital when you’re trying to stay healthy in winter. Use a humidifier in your bedroom to handle dry winter air. Snow can absorb extra sound on the street outside your window, so you might have a quieter bedroom this time of year. If you prefer a little volume to drift off, compensate with a white noise machine.


Get outside!

No matter what bogs you down this winter - seasonal blues, sluggishness, creative blocks - fresh air is likely to help. Walking outside stimulates your mind and creates mood-boosting endorphins. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen outside, because you can catch UV rays in the winter too!

If you’re looking for an extra boost this winter, the Gem-Water blends below might provide some inspiration.

Eat healthy with the support of Body & Soul, a blend of apatite, rose quartz, and clear quartz that’s believed to enhance self-love, suppress appetite, and empower you to crush your goals.

Nurture your emotional health with the joy that Happiness inspires. This blend of orange calcite, carnelian jade, nephrite jade, and clear quartz that is thought to bring an extra boost of joy into your life.

Stay hydrated by always keeping Wellness close by. It's a blend of amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz believed in the healing arts to support overall wellbeing.

Boost your immune system with an energetic assist from Vitality,a combination of emerald and clear quartz thought to help protect your body and help it recover from illnesses.

Balance out your sleep with Balance by the bedside, a blend of sodalite, chalcedony, and clear quartz thought to help bring balance to your routine.

Get some fresh air and bring along Euphoria, a fabulous combination of clear quartz and pistachio opal that is believed in the healing arts to rejuvenate and cleanse, just like a crisp walk outdoors.

Winter doesn’t have to be a slog. Put your health first, and you’ll be well on your way to a happy spring!

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