Top Celebs Who Swear By Water As Their Beauty Secret

January 18, 2019

Top Celebs Who Swear By Water As Their Beauty Secret

If you love checking up on wellness tips from celebs like we do, you might have noticed a not-so-subtle trend: the celebrities with the most glowing skin and most vibrant energy all love water.

They’re certainly on to something. Staying hydrated can give you glowing skin, extra energy, and can help keep your metabolism in top shape. Making sure your drink enough water each day is an easy way to make a major impact on your overall well-being.

Below, a few of our favorite superstars who swear by water as their favorite beauty trick in the book.


In between singing and dancing like nobody’s business, this talented diva aims to drink at least a gallon of water a day - with lots of lemon, of course.

Jane Fonda

As someone who’s thriving well into her 80s, Jane Fonda knows a thing or two about longevity secrets. For her part, she advises people in her famous ‘80s fitness book to drink water between meals instead of with meals, in order to aid in healthy digestion.

Jennifer Aniston

The Friends actress regularly suggests hydration as a beauty tip in interviews with glossy mags. (Sounds like Jen would love our Beauty bottle, which is infused with the vibration of gems like rose quartz to add some extra radiance.) She also advises to get lots of rest and to always use your moisturizer.

Gabrielle Union

Union has mentioned several times over the years that she tries to drink as much water as possible. The actress aims for a gallon of water each day, with a goal of drinking the first 32 ounces with breakfast. She prefers it with lemon, but she once joked to People that she’s also no stranger to drinking water out of the backyard hose.

Elizabeth Hurley

While her fellow celebs seem to love the act of guzzling water, English model Elizabeth Hurley takes a different approach. Hurley told the Daily Mail that she actually finds the taste of water “fairly disgusting,” but that she drinks it anyway because of its health benefits. (Our balance bottle, using sodalite, chalcedony, and clear quartz, sounds like just what she needs to feel centered while getting in her daily sips.)

Jennifer Lopez

At 49, J.Lo is as healthy, gorgeous, and radiant as ever. The star told People that one of her go-to wellness tricks is drinking lots of water, along with making sure she gets a whole lot of sleep each night.

Martha Stewart

The queen of all things home and hearth also takes her hydration very seriously. (Martha never does anything halfway, so perhaps that’s no surprise.) Stewart told Allure that each morning, she drinks lemon juice and green juice while making sure she’s also drinking as much water as possible.

Water is the common denominator that celebs and everyday wellness fans alike can both thank for an extra healthy spring in their step. Add a little lemon, infuse it with fruit, drink it out of a beautiful bottle - no matter how you get more water into your routine, make sure you make it happen.

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Glowing skin awaits!

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