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Limited Edition Flower of Life Engraved ERA Gem-Water Decanter by VitaJuwel

This special edition ERA Decanter features the Flower of Life, a universally sacred fractal pattern, beautifully etched onto the handblown glass.

About the Flower of Life

Throughout the ages, in ancient manuscripts and temple inscriptions, a recurring symbol can be found depicting harmony, balance, and endless mystery of the universe: The Flower of Life. The oldest depiction (in the Temple of Osiris in Egypt) dates back at least 6,000 years. Everything seen and unseen—in nature and beyond—is thought to be expressed by this powerful pattern of overlapping circles. The symbol's beautiful simplicity has intrigued many thinkers over time, including Leonardo da Vinci. Some say that the Flower of Life provides enlightenment to those who immerse themselves in the study of its perfect form.

About the ERA Decanter

A sleek and modern new way to serve gem-water. The ERA Decanter comes with a stainless steel spout that is specially designed to hold your VitaJuwel Gemstone Vial in place so you can safely pour and refill without removing the Vial.

You can purchase an ERA Decanter and Gemstone Vial separately or select a set here

Holds 44 Fl. Oz.

Add a Custom Cleaning Brush