Dominic Sinesio and Anjanette Sinesio

Anjanette & Dominic Sinesio

Having spent over 20 years in the jewelry industry, it’s sometimes hard to surprise me with gems and what they can do, but every now and then you come across something fabulously new….yet old…and you’re enchanted!

This is what happened to me when I stumbled upon VitaJuwel, created by Ewald Eisen. His beautifully designed gem wands, gem-water bottles and droplets aren’t only gorgeous to look at, but they actually do something incredible. The gemstones enliven your water, restoring some of its properties to levels comparable to actual spring water. Infusing water with gems has been practiced for millennia, but Ewald has created a modern and beautiful way to do it.

I always had a hard time drinking enough water, and upon tasting the difference, it completely changed my life. That, combined with the many traditional naturopathic uses for gemstones and the benefit of reducing the annual carbon footprint created by plastic water bottles, made the concept of Gem-Water a triple threat in my eyes. My immediate thought was, I want the WORLD drinking from this bottle.

As a jewelry designer and lover of gems I simply fell in love with VitaJuwel. So, with the support of my husband and his branding expertise, we chose to share it with all my jewelry and gem lovers!

I invite you to discover this amazingly beautiful way to drink water!



Anjanette Dienne Sinesio
Owner / Gem Lover


Gem-Water sells VitaJuwel’s award-winning, gemstone-based, water-enhancing products to the fashion, beauty, gift, and luxury retail markets. Gem-Water’s collection of products offers a unique and beautiful way to stay hydrated. The line is masterfully crafted and engineered to enhance everyday tap or filtered water using the energy of gemstones encased in elegant glass vessels for on-the-go, tabletop, and single-serve use. Each transforms the texture and mouthfeel of everyday drinking water by restoring its crystalline structure, bringing it's quality to levels comparable to pure spring water. The products are not only works of art, they help facilitate the health benefits of improved hydration for our bodies, and positively impact our environment by reducing dependence on plastic water bottles. Gem-Water was founded by jewelry industry veteran and designer, Anjanette Sinesio, who launched the e-commerce site in November 2016. Gem-Water also sells on a wholesale basis to top luxury retailers.