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Hello, Crystal Lovers!

Our mission has always been to spread love and help heal the world through the magnificence of crystals. We started by launching Gem-Water.com and offering a collection of products that encourage people to hydrate mindfully. Today, as we expand into new crystal categories beyond hydration, we're excited to now bring our brand Crystals for Humanity to the forefront. What unifies the products you'll find on our site is that they are designed to nurture us. Their intention is to inspire and support the mind, body, and spirit of the individual all in service of our collective wellness on this planet. The name, Crystals for Humanity, is a simple expression of this mission. Gem-Water products are of course still a major part of our offering on the site, but now when you visit gem-water.com, you'll arrive at our new store.

Crystals have always fascinated humankind. A great many cultures have built traditions and technologies around their meaning and properties over millennia. Whatever attracted you to this world—whether it's the metaphysical, the aesthetic, the scientific, or a combination—one thing most would agree is that these are precious, ancient elements born from our vast universe. And the simplest benefit they offer is to remind us of that fact. They are a connection to something far, far larger—as are we.

In this spirit, each Crystals for Humanity collection we launch going forward, will have a built-in charitable component. For example, each necklace purchased from our self-care jewelry line, 528 by CfH, contributes $5.28 to non-profit organizations committed to making a difference in the world. As we launch the line, Together Rising, is the first of hopefully many more beneficiaries.

We can never forget that we’re all connected!

Sending you all love + light,

Anjanette & Dominic Sinesio

Dominic Sinesio and Anjanette Sinesio