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ViA Heat - Miss Unicorn - EXCLUSIVE - Insulated Crystal Gem-Water Bottle by VitaJuwel

This innovative Crystal Gem-Water Bottle features borosilicate, double-walled glass for insulation. It's an evolution of the ViA Collection's signature modular design. So, just like the original ViA Gem-Water Bottles by VitaJuwel, you can swap out the GemPod at any time. Enjoy your good vibes on-the-go while brewing your favorite loose leaf tea in the extra large tea strainer (sold separately). Or, if coffee is more your style, ditch those daily paper cups for this more sustainable method. Whatever your brew of choice, it'll stay nice and toasty inside while your bottle stays cool to the touch. It even works with your favorite ice cold drinks!

Features patented Flexlid™ cap in soft-touch silicone and BPA-free plastic for easy opening when holding hot liquids.

Holds 12.2 fl oz.



About this gem blend:


The unicorn is symbolic of everything magical. When creating our new blend I wanted to make a crystal elixir that was magical, too. So often we get caught up in negativity and forget that this world is full of beautiful, mystical encounters that are hard to explain. I'm sure some days you’ve felt that pull to forget. Well, I want to focus on remembering! So I created this blend knowing that every time I take a sip of water I’m bringing that desire into my consciousness, and manifesting the magical. 

Traditional Naturopathic Uses:

This blend is made up of stones which are said to help with overall wellness, balance, connecting to the feminine divine, love and so much more!!

— Anj