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inu! Zodiac Crystals (Set of 12 Crystals)

Fine tune your good vibes. Are you on the cusp of two star signs? Is your moon sign an extra powerful influence? Why not buy a full spectrum of Zodiac Crystals for yourself, friends, and family—and save in the process!

Aquarius / Fluorite
Pisces / Agate
Aries / Red Jasper
Taurus / Aventurine
Gemini / Chalcedony
Cancer / Rose Quartz
Leo / Tiger's Eye
Virgo / Carnelian
Libra / Serpentine
Scorpio / Obsidian
Sagittarius / Sodalite
Capricorn / Amethyst

12 Zodiac Crystals total $111.

Purchase a full set and save $12.