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FLORA Gem-Water Vase by VitaJuwel (M)

It’s been an open secret in the crystal community that freshly-cut flowers seem to just last longer in a vase with crystal water.  

We’ve always added crystals to the water in our flower vases and plants at home.
The problem is, you have to be sure to clean the crystals regularly, so that natural fungus doesn't grow on them from sitting in the water too long. The invention of the VitaJuwel line of products beautifully solved a similar challenge 10 years ago. Today, we're pleased to introduce FLORA, a classic glass vase with its trademarked gempod to help extend the enjoyment of your beautiful flowers and let the good vibes flow.

This is where the magic starts. Together with gemologists, professional florists, and naturopaths, this special blend was developed to help support the vitality and freshness of your flowers.

The special crystal combination inside the pod is made up of Moss Agate, Sodalite and Clear Quartz. They all work in harmony together. Moss Agate, known as the crystal of gardeners and agriculture, and is highly regarded as a stabilizing and strengthening influence. The tranquil energy of Sodalite and universal energy of Clear Quartz provides your flowers with the natural vibes they love.

Available in 2 sizes. 

MEDIUM - fits approximately 35 fresh-cut flowers
LARGE -  fits approximately 50 fresh-cut flowers