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The Best Crystals for Finding Love

January 25, 2019

The Best Crystals for Finding Love

Looking for love? Finding someone special can be a total adventure, both for better and for worse. (We’ve all experienced those cringeworthy moments when a promising date can also spiral into a misadventure straight out ofSex And The City.) On the winding path to love, it can help to have a few trusty crystals at your side.

There are all kinds of crystals that are thought to provide a window into love, greater confidence, and a deeper connection to those around us. If you’re ready to welcome more love into your life - whether it’s romantic love, friendship, or even deeper self-acceptance - here are the stones you’ll want to keep nearby.

Rose Quartz

This gorgeous gem from ourLove blend is the quintessential stone of love. Rose quartz radiates a beautiful shade of pale pink. It’s thought to attract feelings of love, connection, and self-compassion. If you’re looking to deepen your bonds with others, this stone’s vibration is likely ideal for you.

Red Garnet

The color red is known for its confident and sensual energy, so that in itself already makes it a win. Another gorgeous gem from our Love blend, red garnet is thought to awaken your inner primal energy and deepen intimacy with others. With a red garnet vibration, your base and crown chakras can light up.

Pistachio Opal

This soothing green stone is thought to have a strong rejuvenating quality. It’s believed to open your heart chakra so that you’re better able to connect with and care for the people around you. Pistachio opal is a vital part of ourEuphoria blend, so carry it with you when you’re looking to raise your vibration to a state of joy and love.

Orange Calcite

This bright, sunny stone from ourHappiness blend can be the perfect tool to help you feel more positive and meet potential partners who are on a happy vibration. It’s thought to be a fantastic stone for love, because it can give the courage to open up to others, share your true feelings, and embrace optimism. It’s a great stone to keep on hand when if you’re feeling nervous about being emotionally vulnerable or are in a disagreement with a loved one. It’s also thought to increase your sexual energy.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is thought to have the ability to help you get clear on your priorities and intensely amplify your desires. It’s a great stone to carry when looking for love - or any other dream for that matter. Clear quartz can amplify the power of other stones it’s placed near, like the stones in our Love blend, which makes it a powerful complement to any set of stones that are thought to attract love.

So what are you waiting for? Romance is ahead!

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