The Best Crystals For A Flirty Summer Fling

July 22, 2019

The Best Crystals For A Flirty Summer Fling

Nothing screams summer like a flirty, free-wheeling romance. (Even celebs love it!) Keep these crystals close at hand if you’re seeking out a fun and adventurous summer fling.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

It probably comes as no surprise that rose quartz is a great stone for a summer date. Rose quartz is the quintessential stone of love - not only for others, but for yourself. It’s believed that when you keep rose quartz close at hand, you’ll experience a double whammy of increased compassion for yourself and an increased vibration of love for the people around you.

Pistachio Opal

pistachio opal

This happy gem is all about experiencing peak levels of joy. In the healing arts, pistachio opal is often used to help open your heart for deeper connections with others. That creates the perfect spark for a new relationship!



Amethyst is an incredibly compassionate stone. The soothing gem is said to aid in ditching your fears and inhibitions so you can allow yourself to embrace a new relationship with open arms. If you’ve been burned by bad relationships in the past, amethyst is believed to help you heal as you open yourself up to new love.



If you’re looking for a love that will last into fall, long after the summer magic has died down, you’ll want to keep aventurine by your side. This stone is believed to help you build solid, lasting relationships that stay physically adventurous (wink wink) for the long haul. This gem is also believed to provide a sense of tranquil joy, which is a wonderful energy for love.



If you’re looking to tell your new fling how you feel - or to charm everyone in town with the best pick-up lines at the beach bar - chalcedony is the gem for you. This stone is believed to help you develop a way with words and communicate your thoughts clearly. If your idea of romance is a long, lively discussion over a bottle of wine, keep chalcedony close at hand.

It’s time to dive full force into all that summer love has to offer. (And if you need a little energetic help, you can take your crystal water bottle with you.) Go ahead, we dare you!

Attract summer love into your life with these Gem-Water blends:

Get your romance on with Love, a blend of rose quartz, garnet, and clear quartz. In the healing arts, this combination is believed to vibrate at the frequencies of love, sensuality, intimacy, and confidence.

Glow with joy with Euphoria, a combination of pistachio opal and clear quartz. Pistachio opal is said to attract joy, abundance, and an open heart.

Capture the magic of love with Miss Unicorn, a blend of 24k gold leaf, amethyst, rose quartz, chalcedony, clear quartz, aquamarine, and rainbow moonstone. This combination is believed to help tap into the magical moments of everyday life.

Get flirty and carefree with Forever Young a blend of aventurine, aquamarine, smoky quartz, and clear quartz that is believed to attract the joy, clarity, and energy of youth. It’s the perfect crystal water bottle to carry on late nights at the beach and long boardwalk strolls that make you and your love feel like kids again.

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