How To Stay Focused On Your Goals This Summer

July 14, 2019

How To Stay Focused On Your Goals This Summer

There is no tougher time to focus on work than in the heat of summer. If you’ve got big dream, you might be struggling to strike a balance between lazy afternoons by the pool and slaying your to-do list. Luckily, there are always ways to find a bit of balance. Here’s how to stay focused on your goals this summer - while still having the time of your life.

Get creative with your work hours.

Long workdays don’t have to mean missing out on all the great weather. Why not try starting your day earlier in the morning so you’ll still have a whole sunny afternoon ahead of you when you break for the day? Another option is to start your day at lunchtime and work late so you can fit in a leisurely morning swim or hike. Think in terms of the goals you accomplish each day rather than the hours you work. If you finish your list earlier than you expect, great - no need to guilt yourself into staying cooped up at your desk for several more hours.

Take high-quality breaks.

Make sure you’re using your downtime to the fullest. Choose activities that will reinvigorate and refresh you so that when you do get back to work, you’ll be focused and happy. Books by the pool, meditating in the backyard, long runs in the park, naps on the beach - only you know exactly what will best recharge your battery, but make sure you decide on something you’ll really enjoy.

Think about your future self.

There are some days when you really do need to buckle down and finish a project. Why are those always the days when you most want to lounge in the sun? To get into focus mode, remind yourself that summer doesn’t last forever. What do you want to achieve before fall sets in? What about when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s, which is just a few months away? Do a favor for Future You and set her up for success, even when poolside mojitos are calling your name.

Find more low-key ways of being productive.

You can still enrich your professional life while kicking back and relaxing. Queue up interesting podcasts and books about your field, and take them with you on vacation. Take an afternoon on the beach to brainstorm about your wildest dreams, and meditate on how you could take small steps toward them. Sign up for a personal development retreat in a tropical locale. The opportunities are endless!

Don’t forget: you’re allowed to have fun!

Life is short. Reaching for your goals is important, but so is taking time to savor those sweet summer moments with friends and family. Give yourself permission to fully unplug once in a while so you can make memories and recharge your soul. After all, summer is a state of mind - so grab your crystal water bottle and soak up the sunshine.

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