How To Get In Touch With Your Inner Healing Powers

May 18, 2019

How To Get In Touch With Your Inner Healing Powers

Breaking news: you have way more power than you think. We’re all walking around each day with the potential to tap into our own inner healing capabilities - we just don’t always know how to access them. When you’re stressed or struggling, getting in touch with your inner healing powers can help you find more peace.

To learn more about accessing your own inner powers, we spoke with an expert on the subject: Colleen McCann, author of Crystal Rx, reiki master, shaman, teacher, and founder of Style Rituals. Colleen spent 15 years as a New York City fashion stylist before becoming an energy practitioner, and she incorporates her fantastic taste into every ritual she does. Here are a few of Colleen’s top tips for getting in touch with your own healing powers.

Colleen McCann
slow down

Slow down.

This step may be simple, but it’s certainly not easy. Even though we move through life at a million miles an hour, most of us crave slowing down. But no matter how much we long for more slowness, we tend to resist it. “I don’t think [slowing down] is the easiest thing to do,” McCann says. “We don’t actually give ourselves the time and the space to listen to our intuition.”

For some of us, moving through life quickly is a way of distracting from the big questions and anxieties that we think will surface if we slow down. For others, a fast-paced life feels like a cycle we can’t opt out of, because we worry that if we put on the breaks, everything will fall apart. Tough as it might be at first, slowing down will ultimately feel great - we promise.

let go

Let go.

Most women go through life with a lot of “shoulds” weighing on their shoulders, and a fear that if they don’t do exactly what they’re “supposed” to do, that they will lose everything. “The majority of my clients are women, and I see a lot of lady bosses,” McCann says. “It can be daunting and scary to tell a woman that’s juggling so many balls in the air to slow down, to let the balls fall.” The key is to let go of those fears and expectations that keep you trapped. That’s not as easy as snapping a finger, of course, but it can be done.

People often feel like they have to make the time to slow down before they can do so, but that can keep you caught in the busy cycle. “There’s only so much time in the day, something may have to go to the wayside today, right?” McCann says. “So there’s an ebb and flow and give and take and I think that’s where people run into an issue as well.”



Here’s where the real healing begins. Slowing down and letting go simply set the stage for the magic to happen. Now that you’ve gotten still and ditched distractions, you’ve paved the way for your inner voice to guide you. It’s time to listen to your gut. If knee-jerk feelings of fear or self-doubt crop up, do your best to center yourself and ignore them so your inner wisdom can come to the surface. When you make the space to really listen to yourself, you might be shocked at the answers and ideas that come to mind.

If a trigger sets you off during this journey, take a step back and listen to your intuition instead of reacting without thinking. “Someone that I knew who was in the military once told me they were taught that when emotions are high, intelligence is low,” McCann says. “I love that, and I if I get heated, that’s a mantra for me.” Instead, consider every option without letting your emotions take the lead. “Take a look at the situation from all angles.”

Healing starts from within

Healing starts from within.

Whether you’re hoping to ease the tension in an argument or are simply trying to ease everyday anxiety, you have more power to heal yourself than you may have ever realized. In any situation, make sure you breathe deep, pause, and work through the steps above. Your answers within will get you where you need to go - one baby step at a time.

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