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VOGUE Picks Gem-Water: A Brilliant & Not-So-Basic Gift

December 05, 2017

VOGUE Picks Gem-Water: A Brilliant & Not-So-Basic Gift

Gem-Water by VitaJuwel has made the cut on one of VOGUE's Holiday Gift Guides: 80 Brilliant, Not-So-Basic Gifts for Every Woman On Your List. For ease-of-use, they've identified a spectrum of types from The Fashion Girl to The Athlete to The Activist. No doubt most of us occupy more than one of these categories (and then some), but hey, it's a great starting point.
There’s a singular, standout gift for any type of chick this season, from those seated in the boardroom to those getting cozy at home or protesting in the streets.
— Vogue.com

So...for The Athlete, Vogue picks the Wellness Gem-Water Bottle as natural fit for that health-conscious, well-toned, and probably ultra-flexible super-woman on your list. Now, just in case you're asking yourself "What if I want to get EVERYONE I KNOW their own, type-appropriate, perfectly suited Gem-Water Bottle?"...don't worry! We're here to help.

Have a look at our list of suggestions a la Vogue's jumping off point.



The Activist

The Art Snob

The Athlete

The Boss Lady

The Fashion Girl

The World Traveler

The Party Girl

The Homebody


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