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The Scientific Benefits Of Gratitude

October 15, 2019

The Scientific Benefits Of Gratitude

Ever since Oprah first introduced us to her gratitude journal back in the ’90s, we’ve all known on some level that being thankful can make us happier. What researchers have come to discover, however, is that the scientific benefits of gratitude go far beyond just simple joy. Here’s how a gratitude practice can enrich your life.

You’ll exercise more

You’ll exercise more.

When you go through life with an attitude of gratitude, you’re more likely to take care of your health and body. People who practice gratitude are more likely to regularly exercise, and may have less resistance to sticking to a workout routine. You’ll also be more likely to eat healthier food and to get regular check-ups from your doctor.

Your relationships will be richer

Your relationships will be richer.

Gratitude can have such a profound impact on how you interact with others that it can almost feel like magic. When you’re grateful, you’re more likely to be kind. You’ll also feel less combative when someone wrongs you, and instead turn to empathy to understand conflicts. Grateful people often acknowledge to their friends and loved ones how much they appreciate them, which makes bonds that much deeper. Studies have also shown that gratitude can increase self-esteem, which can make you more supportive of others’ successes and triumphs.

You’ll sleep better

You’ll sleep better.

We all know how elusive quality sleep can feel - but gratitude can help you get there. Research has found that keeping a gratitude journal and writing in it just before bed can make your sleep sessions longer and better. Gratitude activates your hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls sleep, so when you’re practicing gratitude, you’re also priming yourself for quality rest.

Ready to make gratitude part of your everyday life?

Ready to make gratitude part of your everyday life?

Gratitude can set your heart on fire and make each moment more feel more divine. Life’s inevitable bumps and hurdles are easier to tackle when you feel fortunate for all that you have. If you’re not sure where to start with feeling more thankful, try these quick tips:

Start a gratitude journal

Each night, write down a few things from the day that you’re thankful for. Before you know it, you won’t be able to resist noticing all the positives in your universe.

Notice the magic in the simple things

Develop a mindfulness practice around your daily routines. Think about the beauty of the breeze that flows in through your office window, the sunshine in your backyard, or that first snuggle from your dog each morning. Joyful little things add up to joyful big things. If there are parts of your routine you don’t like, give thanks for the valuable lessons they’re teaching you for your future.

Take stock of what you already have

If there’s a big goal you want to achieve but haven’t reached yet, think about the things in your life that offer a similar feeling. For example, if you’re hoping for a big pay increase, focus on the things in your life that already make you feel abundant, like the decadent cappuccino you drink each morning or your favorite designer bag. Suddenly, the joy of achieving your wildest dreams doesn’t feel quite so far away.

Tell people you’re thankful for them

Sure, your family and friends might already know you love them, but it’s always a delight to hear it. Make a point to periodically tell them how much they mean to you, and let them know how much you appreciate all that they do.

Take your gratitude practice to the next level with these gem blends:

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