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Spiritual Rituals 101: How To Incorporate Spirituality Into Your Life

August 27, 2019

Spiritual Rituals 101: How To Incorporate Spirituality Into Your Life

Spiritual rituals can radically transform the way you experience your world. Few people know this more acutely than intuitive healers like Erin Yari; a shaman, crystal healer, sound healer, yoga teacher, card reader, reiki pro, and overall vibe-raiser.

Erin first came into spirituality the way many people do: she was looking to ease anxiety and panic in her life. She first fell in love with yoga in her early twenties, but put the idea of teaching to the side to be explored in the distant future – until the universe brought a clear message right to her doorstep.

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“I'm not sure if you've ever gotten repeat messages from spirit that you chose to ignore?” Erin says. “But I can tell you - ask you! beg of you! - it's not the best thing to do. Spirit will come stronger with their message until you are forced to pay attention. For me, it came in the form of a home robbery. I was held at gunpoint in my home while a man rummaged through my belongings, criticizing my life choices (irony or more message from spirit?) and demanding I give him all of my things.”

The experience left emotional scars. “To make a long story short, I survived,” Erin says. “Unharmed. Not unafraid. The panic and anxiety was beyond words…And I turned to the only thing that helped me in the past. Yoga. I signed up for that 'someday' teacher training and cried, laughed, healed my way through the next few months.”

The rest is history. When Erin started teaching, she discovered that she had deep-rooted spiritual gifts. “Something that I had shoved very deep at an early age had bubbled up to the surface…intuition. My ability to see things.” Erin’s visions helped her bring an extra level of insight into her teachings. One spiritual curiosity led her to another (and another, and another), paving the way for the wide-ranging healing career she practices today. “I've always been a healer. We are all healers. So it was less 'becoming' and more choosing to live it out loud.”

Today, Erin helps clients from all walks of life to incorporate healing rituals into their lives and hosts regular moon circles. Here’s how you can take a cue from her teachings to help create some rituals of your own, and step into your own spirituality in the process.

Start with spiritual tools.

“Some of my favorite tools for beginners are oracle cards, crystal pendulums, and journaling,” Erin says. “We use all of these things in moon circles.” As you being your practice, remember that you’re more powerful and intuitive than you might think. “When clients pull a bunch of cards and then look up at me with wonderment and curiosity I always put the power back in their hands by asking them what they think the cards mean and symbolize…This is how I help them to see that they are no different or less intuitive than I. We are all intuitive. First thing you have to do is believe. Then trust. Listen. Breathe. And wait for all of it to reveal itself.”

Choose your first crystal based on intuition.

Your inner voice will know what crystals are right for you to get started with. Erin suggests consulting your healer for advice – or if you don’t have one, stop by your nearest crystal store. See which stones you naturally gravitate to. “Try not to read the descriptions of the stones, rather start by picking up the ones you feel most drawn to,” Erin says. “They are always the ones you need.” Each characteristic of the crystal that you are drawn to is the stone’s way of speaking to you. “The properties of the actual rock will heal and cleanse and help clear blockages, but the other symbols and signs are not to be discounted… My biggest advice when choosing your crystal(s) is to let spirit guide you and allow your brain to slow and your intuition to expand. You already know.”

Make your new crystals part of your daily routine.

Incorporate your crystals into your habits for a vibrational boost. You can carry the stones with you or keep them in your home. “When I began my journey with crystals I was rose quartz obsessed,” Erin says. “I was especially fond of the heart shaped ones…I used it in meditation, kept it in my home, in my car, and in my bra!”

You can also make crystals part of your bedtime routine. “Selenite was and still is another favorite of mine,” Erin explains. “My favorite way to use it is before bed. I keep a selenite wand on my nightstand and before sleep I lay it on my chest and breathe into it with the intention of clearing away the day and clearing away all energy that I may have picked up from others throughout the day.”

Live first, learn second.

Live first, learn second.

If you feel a pull to practice something that seems “crazy,” don’t immediately dismiss it. It could be a nudge from your intuition! “Sometimes I feel called to incorporate things into sessions that make no sense,” Erin explains. “And by no sense I mean a teacher hasn't shown me this - but I do it anyway and later find out that it's a technique used in shamanism or in a sauna experience in Russian cultures or an ancient technique used by the indigenous elders in Peru.”

When it comes to healing rituals, follow your gut first and ask questions later. “Live first, learn second,” Erin says. “I wouldn't trust in my abilities and intuition and the real-ness of spiritual practices if I learned first and practiced second. I need to feel it, try it, believe in it, and then it shows up in factual form.”

Remember: you can’t do it “wrong.”

Remember: you can’t do it “wrong.”

“The thing I notice most with clients is a hesitation or a fear of ‘doing it wrong,’” Erin says. “There isn't a right or wrong way. There are guidelines and practices and teachers who can help assist in certain techniques and spiritual practices, but as far as getting it wrong? I say who cares.” If you’re keeping a positive and open mind, the sky is the limit. “As long as you are holding space in a healthy way, you're good to go,” Erin explains. “Remind yourself of your light and that love is the only thing that is real and keep your spiritual intentions clear and honest. Crystals are incredible healers, teachers, and tools. Enjoy all the magic they reveal.”

So what are you waiting for? Call in your intuition, take a deep breath, and see where the magic leads you.

Enrich your new spiritual practices with these gem blends:

Let your ideas take flight with Inspiration, a blend inspired by the practices of the ancient Egyptians. This combination of lapis lazuli and rutilated quartz is believed to allow you to ditch anxiety and tap into inner honesty.

Protect your positive energy with Guardian, a blend of amethyst, black tourmaline, and clear quartz that is said to protect you from negative vibes and provide greater clarity.

Open your heart to spiritual guidance with Vision, a combination of noble shungite and clear quartz believed to protect and calm you so that your visions can come to light.

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