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A Brief History Of Healing Gems

May 03, 2019

A Brief History Of Healing Gems

Healing gems might be trendy right now, but they’re no passing fad: gems have been around for just about as long as humans have. Throughout history, ancient gem healing rituals have surfaced across cultures and continents, from Russia to Egypt to Greece and beyond. The full history of gems could fill a whole encyclopedia, but here are a few basics of gem history to get you started.

Amber is the stone that started it all.

As far back as 30,000 years ago, people were using Baltic amber as amulets for protection and wellbeing. In the UK, archaeologists have unearthed beads of amber that date back more than 10,000 years. These beads appear to have been carried across long distances by long-term travelers, so they must have been especially treasured. Amber is said to help ease fears and boost healing, so it’s no surprise that ancient people chose to carry it with them on long and dangerous journeys.

From warrior energy to ancient makeup.

One of the first known cultures to use healing crystals were the Sumerians, an early civilization who their gems for special rituals and formulas. Another thriving ancient culture, the Ancient Egyptians, made gems a powerful part of their lives. Egyptians used stones like emerald, lapis lazuli, and quartz in jewelry, and as burial objects to guide their loved ones safely into the afterlife. Egyptians even used ground powder from stones to create makeup!

Not to be outdone, the ancient Greeks made crystals part of their lives by wearing amethysts around their necks in hopes of increasing their alcohol tolerance and warding off hangovers. The Greeks also loved hematite, which is known as a stone of protection and strength. These days, many people wear hematite rings to give them an extra boost of power, but ancient Greek soldiers took things to another level by rubbing hematite on their bodies before heading to war.

In ancient China, jade was a treasured stone used for all kinds of special events and rituals. Jade burial stones, jade instruments, and of course, jade beads were all commonly valued during this time. Of course, jade is still as popular as ever, and you’ll find beautiful jade carvings in many aspects of historical Chinese culture.

The modern age of crystals

The modern crystal boom can be traced back to the ‘70s and ‘80s, when the New Age movement brought healing gems back to the cultural forefront. These new healing trends come from a combination of ancient uses and new techniques to fit current cultural wounds that are most in need of energy healing. Today, celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Jenna Dewan, and Adele credit their crystals for all kinds of successes; and pretty stones are a regular fixture on Instagram, where they help build online communities of seekers from all walks of life. Crystals are as popular as ever - and in an era when we’re all looking for ways to slow down, reconnect, and ease anxiety, they might be exactly what we’ve been longing for.

Here’s to the future!

Gem healing has just about always been around, so there’s no doubt that no matter where society is headed next, crystals will come along with us. Here’s to a future full of high vibrations and hopeful energy.

Tap into ancient energy traditions with a little help from the Gem-Water bottles below:

Foster inner harmony with Five Elements, a blend of amethyst, chalcedony, rose quartz, petrified wood, and ocean chalcedony chosen in the tradition of the five elements in Chinese medicine.

Nod to the ancient Egyptians with Vitality, a blend of clear quartz and emerald. Ancient Egyptians saw emeralds as a symbol of eternal life.

Keep your vibrations positive with Guardian, which combines amethyst, black tourmaline, and clear quartz, which are believed to provide wellbeing and protection. It’s no wonder that the ancient Greeks relied on amethyst to help ward off inebriation!

The tradition continues!

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